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David Sloan Wilson and Dag Olav Hessen. Blueprint for the Global Village

Nina Witoszek. The Beauty of “Getting to Norway”

Peter J. Richerson. Comment on “Blueprint for the Global Village”

Lars Trägårdh. Nordic Magic and the Paradox of Asocial Sociability

Victor W. Hwang. What’s The Unit of Analysis for Building Villages?

Peter Turchin. Something is ‘Off’ in the State of Denmark

David Sloan Wilson and Dag O. Hessen. The Blueprint of Multilevel Selection (a response to commentaries)

Dominic Johnson and Monica Duffy Toft. Bringing “Geo” Back into Politics: Evolution, Territoriality and the Contest over Ukraine

Peter Turchin. ‘Devoted Realism’: a Commentary on Johnson and Toft

Scott Atran, Jeremy Ginges, and Rumen Iliev. Devoted Actors, Devoted Realism, and the Territorial Imperative. A Commentary on Johnson and Toft.

Jonathan H. Turner. Keeping the Focus on Geopolitical and Geoeconomic Dynamics. A Commentary on Johnson and Toft

Radek Szulga. Territoriality and Conflict: an Economist’s View. A Commentary on Johnson and Toft.

Anthony C. Lopez. Adaptations for Territoriality and the False Residency Problem. A Commentary on Johnson and Toft

Peter J. Richerson. Was Territoriality Important in the Pleistocene? A Commentary on Johnson and Toft

 Harvey Whitehouse. Three Wishes for the World

William Swann: How can social glue foster cooperation rather than competition? A commentary on Harvey Whitehouse

Gordon Ingram and Karolina Prochownik: The Notion of “Identity Fusion” Raises More Questions Than It Answers. A Commentary on Harvey Whitehouse

Jonathan Lanman. Two Stars and a (Fourth) Wish:  Ritual Theory and the Challenges of Fusing Humanity. A Commentary on Harvey Whitehouse

Timothy M. Waring. On the Application Methods for Various Types of Social Glue. A Commentary on Harvey Whitehouse

Karl Frost. Ritual Theories, the Sacred, and Social Control. A Commentary on Harvey Whitehouse

Douglas Jones. Modes of Interaction and Social Glue. A Commentary on Harvey Whitehouse

Zoey Reeve and Dominic Johnson: Identity (con)fusion: Social Groups and the Stickiness of Social Glue. A Commentary on Harvey Whitehouse

Harvey Whitehouse: More On Social Glue (a response to commentaries)

David Sloan Wilson Human Cultures are Primarily Adaptive at the Group Level

Martin Hewson Consensus and Dissensus on Cultural Evolution: A Commentary on David Sloan Wilson

Mark Pagel Adapted, Yes, but for Whom or What? A Commentary on David Sloan Wilson

Matthew R. Zimmerman Should the Consensus be Essentialist and Adaptationist? A Comment on David Sloan Wilson

Stephen K. Samderson A Commentary on David Sloan Wilson

Michael E. Hochberg and Harvey Whitehouse To Understand Present Day Cultures We Must Study the Past: a Commentary on David Sloan Wilson

Joseph Bulbulia et al First Shots Fired For The Phylogenetic Revolution in Religious Studies: a Commentary on David Sloan Wilson

David Sloan Wilson Reply to Comments on “Human Cultures are Primarily Adaptive at the Group Level”

Peter J. Richerson Human Cooperation is a Complex Problem with Many Possible Solutions: Perhaps All of Them Are True!

R.I.M. Dunbar. Networking Past and Present

Commentary by Nicolas Baumard

Commentary by Marcus J. Hamilton

Commentary by Paul Hooper

Commentary by Daniel N. Finkel

Commentary by Herbert Gintis

Elinor Ostrom. Enhancing the Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action 

Commentary by Ian S. Lustick

Commentary by Greg Urban

Commentary by Marco Janssen

Commentary by Yasha Hartberg

Commentary by David D. Laitin

Commentary by Steven C. Hayes

Commentary by Jenna Bednar

Commentary by Catherine M. Tucker

Blumstein et al. The Peacock’s Tale: Lessons from evolution for effective signaling in international politics

Commentary by James Fearon

Commentary by Olivier Morin

Commentary by Rebecca Sear

Commentary by Armando Geller

Reply by Blumstein et al.

Herbert Gintis. The Evolution of Human Cooperation with commentaries by Michael Doebeli and Jessica Flack

Ian Lustick.  Institutional Rigidity and Evolutionary Theory: Trapped on a Local Maximum with commentaries by Daniel Nettle, David Sloan Wilson, Hanna Kokko, and Bradley A. Thayer.


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