Cooperation: this time, between Man and Woman

October 20, 2014



As I wrote in a previous blog, the first five weeks of this semester I spent away in Europe. During the first part of the trip I ran five Seshat workshops in Oxford, and then I went to Toulouse. What makes Toulouse and Oxford similar is that they are both homes to some of the […]

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Peter A. Corning. The Fair Society, The Right to Life, and the Public Trust

October 17, 2014


In my 2011 book, The Fair Society: The Science of Human Nature and the Pursuit of Social Justice (University of Chicago Press), I proposed a new vision of social justice based on three biologically-grounded fairness principles that must be combined and balanced in order to achieve a society that is fair to everyone. These fairness […]

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The History Manifesto against ‘Short-Termism’

October 14, 2014



David Armitage and Jo Guldi, two historians at Harvard and Brown, respectively, wrote an interesting article for the Aeon Magazine, Bonfire of the Humanities. Incidentally, Aeon is shaping up very nicely as a reliable source for thoughtful (and not dumbed-down) articles on a spectrum of interesting topics. Full disclosure: I published two articles in it […]

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Five Seshat Workshops

October 9, 2014



Over the last five weeks I have been away from home, and I find that when I am traveling, it’s difficult to get in the mood for blog-writing. The whole point of blogging for me is that it should be relatively effortless. I typically write blogs in the evenings, and almost never during the workday. […]

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Antonio Silva. Conflict and Cooperation

October 6, 2014


The idea of war and conflict as a driver of cooperation has regularly been discussed in this blog, and it is often assumed that people help one another in times of adversity, especially when in conflict with other groups. Inter-group conflict has been widely suggested as a key mechanism in the evolution of uniquely large-scale […]

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Peter Turchin. Something is ‘Off’ in the State of Denmark

October 1, 2014


Wilson and Hessen wrote a very interesting and thought-provoking article. I am substantially in agreement with the conceptual framework, based on cultural multilevel selection theory, that they employ to make sense of the Nordic model, as well as their consideration of how to improve cooperation on the global scale. Although their emphasis is on the […]

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EcoDistricts Summit 2014 Gives Reason to Hope

September 26, 2014

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This year afforded the opportunity to attend two major conferences on urban revitalization. The first was the Congress for the New Urbanism’s (CNU) 22nd annual meeting in Buffalo, New York, upon which I have already reported. The second is the EcoDistricts Summit 2014 which just concluded in Washington DC. I owe both opportunities to Charles Montgomery, […]

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