Peter Turchin. Something is ‘Off’ in the State of Denmark

October 1, 2014


Wilson and Hessen wrote a very interesting and thought-provoking article. I am substantially in agreement with the conceptual framework, based on cultural multilevel selection theory, that they employ to make sense of the Nordic model, as well as their consideration of how to improve cooperation on the global scale. Although their emphasis is on the […]

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EcoDistricts Summit 2014 Gives Reason to Hope

September 26, 2014


This year afforded the opportunity to attend two major conferences on urban revitalization. The first was the Congress for the New Urbanism’s (CNU) 22nd annual meeting in Buffalo, New York, upon which I have already reported. The second is the EcoDistricts Summit 2014 which just concluded in Washington DC. I owe both opportunities to Charles Montgomery, […]

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Victor W. Hwang. What’s The Unit of Analysis for Building Villages?

September 20, 2014

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Quick, think of a village. What do you see? Each person’s mind creates a distinct picture. Perhaps you imagine storybook timbered houses clustered around a town square? Maybe you recall scenes from your childhood hometown? We each have a personalized notion of the concept of village. But what if our brains are fooling us? What […]

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Lars Trägårdh. Nordic Magic and the Paradox of Asocial Sociability

September 10, 2014


Commentary on “Blueprint for a Global Village” The Nordic Model was largely declared dead in the water around 1990, when Sweden and the other Nordic countries experienced serious economic crises. Critics, who had long predicted the collapse of the welfare state, celebrated the victory of a more hard-headed capitalism along neo-liberal lines. Today, some 25 […]

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Peter J. Richerson. Comment on “Blueprint for the Global Village”

September 9, 2014


Wilson and Hessen’s essay has many true and useful ideas, but the first part of their essay seems to argue against the final part. In the natural world, as they correctly point out at the beginning, selection at lower levels of organization generally wins out over selection at higher levels. Very occasionally, groups evolve mechanisms […]

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Nina Witoszek. The Beauty of “Getting to Norway”: Comments on David Sloan Wilson and Dag’s Hessen’s essay “Blueprint for the Global Village”

September 7, 2014


In the acclaimed study The Origins of Political Order (2011), Francis Fukuyama describes the project of building an exemplary social democracy – with a generous welfare state, individual rights, and the rule of law – in terms of “getting to Denmark.”[1] For people living in genocidal or troubled parts of the world, Demark has become […]

David Sloan Wilson and Dag Olav Hessen. Blueprint for the Global Village

September 4, 2014


Life consists of units within units. In the biological world, we have genes, individuals, groups, species, and ecosystems – all nested within the biosphere. In the human world, we have genes, individuals, families, villages and cities, provinces, and nations – all nested within the global village. In both worlds, a problem lurks at every rung […]

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