My Venture into the World of Indy Publishing

January 25, 2015



Probably the most important thing the academics do is publishing – articles in peer-reviewed journals, chapters in edited volumes, and monographs. The motto is “publish or perish.” Over the last century scientific publishing has been dominated by for-profit publishers. A major exception is journals published by scientific societies, but many journals have been sold by […]

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Scott Atran. Psychology, Anthropology, and a Science of Human Beings

January 22, 2015



The following reflection on the problems of psychology, anthropology, and a science of human beings has been stimulated by recent responses to a couple of recent articles in Nature (Looking for the Roots of Terrorism  and Psychologists Seek Roots of Terror), by my very able co-worker (Lydia Wilson) reacting to problems of doing fieldwork in Lebanon […]

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The Enigmatic Circles of Moray

January 20, 2015



Readers of this blog must have wondered where I disappeared to over the last two weeks. Indeed, I was away – traveling in South America (Peru and Chile). I went to Santiago to attend a workshop on modeling innovations, but most of the time I spent in Peru. Together with two friends we toured Cuzco, […]

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Does Altruism Exist? A Short Introduction to a New Synthesis

January 13, 2015


Does Altruism Exist

Cross-posted on SEF’s newly minted site under The Evolution Institute. I am pleased to announce my newest book, Does Altruism Exist? Culture, Genes and the Welfare of Others, which is published by Yale University Press in collaboration with the Templeton Press as the first in a series of short books on foundational questions in science. […]

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Food for Thought

January 5, 2015



The food-intensive period of holidays is finally over, and most of us emerged from it carrying a few extra pounds. This is entirely natural, since evolution has enabled our bodies to store extra energy during the times of plenty, and then use it up during the times of dearth. What’s unnatural is not to allow […]

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The Best Foie Gras Comes from Happy Birds

December 28, 2014



My post The Ultimate Health Food, Revealed! generated a number of comments, some of them quite critical of foie gras and gavage, the process by which ducks and geese are fattened. Fortunately, one reader (Bruce) weighed in on the opposite side and I reproduce his response here, because I don’t want it to be lost […]

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The Ultimate Health Food, Revealed!

December 25, 2014



This is Christmas and I think it’s a good time to switch to some lighter topic than our usual fare of social science and history. Although history is still going to be a part of today’s post, as you will see. Today is one of few days in a year when we are supposed to […]

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